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Rasta Taco Catering provides a taco catering experience that strikes the perfect balance between food that inspires and service that impresses.

At Rasta Taco Catering, we understand that our taco catering company is only as strong as the service it provides. That's why providing quality service is the very foundation of what we do. Our trained staff is friendly, skillful, respectful, helpful. From planning and booking your event, to serving and cleaning up, our staff is there to make your event unforgettable. Our event planners,  wait staff, and chefs will provide you with the reassurance that all your wants and needs will be met for your event, allowing you to enjoy the occassion worry free.

Justin-Prietto round 2

Under the leadership of Executive Manager and Owner Justin Prietto, Rasta Taco has been transformed. At once a thriving taco catering business loved by locals for its exciting and exotic menu, it has grown to become one sought after by private and corporate clients for its equal measure of service. "You can have the best tacos in the world, but if the service is wanting, what good is the overall experience?", states Prietto. "A complete catering experience strikes the perfect balance between food that inspires and service that impresses."

"Rasta Taco takes a big picture approach towards taco catering," says Prietto. "We're focused on all the little details, but we know how to bring them all together to provide an experience that is unique, perfectly executed and memorable. If our clients aren't walking away from a Rasta Taco experience with a full stomach and a happy heart, we haven't done our job right."

Prietto's background lies in customer service as well as in cooking and catering. As an avid surfer and surfboard designer, his travels take him to exotic locales with food typified by fresh flavors and seasonal colors. "I'm constantly looking to bring something back to the kitchen so Chef Lou can do some R&D and make it his own. We're always proud to share the results with our catering clients."

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At a young age Lou Tista was inspired by his mother's home cooking. "If you're lucky you grow up thinking your mom is the best cook in the world," said Rasta Taco's Executive Chef of eight years. "In the kitchen my mother was intuitive with spices and textures. Everything she cooked was simple but looked and tasted great."

The time Tista spent in the kitchen led him to pursue a career in the culinary arts. Tista, also a dedicated foodie, has been influenced and motivated by the ever-burgeoning street food scene of Los Angeles where he was raised.

"The really good street vendors, the ones with 100 people waiting in line, they're talented, visionary chefs," says Tista. "The foodies are excited to eat something new that's going to stir some inspiration and infuse some adventure into their experience. Good, creative food in the right setting can do that. That is what I'm trying to bring to every Rasta Taco event. Something that's going to make it memorable."

When not working to create the perfect street style menu for Rasta Taco, Tista can be found on the links … in his Crocs.

 Jessica Pancake round 2

Jessica Pancake is beginning her sixth year as Corporate Event Concierge for Rasta Taco. During that time Jessica has earned Executive Assistants from small to Fortune 500 companies kudos by successfully planning and executing countless corporate events. "The way I see it, I'm here to make these assistants and HR personnel look good in front of their peers and bosses," says Pancake. "It's not about me. It's about them."

Jessica came to Rasta Taco after years of experience in the Special Events industry, focusing on planning, trade shows and catering and rose quickly to head the corporate events department. Her superior organizational, communication skills and ability to relate to a broad range of persons has made her a vital asset at Rasta Taco.

"That they're called 'special events' sums it up for me," says Pancake. "When corporations invest time and money on an event, they expect it to be memorable. Whether they're trying to show appreciation to their employees or impress a VIP, it's about making an impression."

"It takes organization and creativity, but this is a 'people' job first and I love people. Creating special events for them is what inspires me."


Rasta Taco's talented, On-site Taco Catering Team is committed to making your event special and memorable. They aim to exceed your expectations with an equal measure of attention to food and friendly, professional service. They look forward to serving you.

In Praise of Rasta Taco CateringWhat Our Clients Have To Say

Thank you Rasta Taco. Our event was a success in every way. Besides great food, your servers brought with them fun and friendly personalities. The executives were pleased. Our employees enjoyed the food and the party. Your team made me look good to the top brass. I so appreciate that.

Amgen, Newbury Park, CA

The party went great! The taco’s were awesome. Everyone really enjoyed the food. Your staff did a great job. Thank you for helping us have great company Christmas party.

Daughters of Charity Health System, Los Altos Hills, CA

Thank you for catering the delicious lunch yesterday. The Drug Trust Fund staff thoroughly enjoyed every bite. Your staff was super. They adjusted to all our requests without hesitation. You have a very efficient team at Rasta Taco. Thank you.

So Cal UFCW Drug Trust Funds, Los Angeles, CA
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